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Hudsonville Urban Hay Days downtown Hudsonville Saturday Oct 7 from 11-4 pm
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Check out events at your local library here
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free outdoor summer concerts June and July Summer 'Happenings on Harvery Street" July in Hudsonville August Vintage Fest Downtown Grandville
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Welcome package contains helpful information including:
  • Library Event Information --
    Information about upcoming community wide events
    Assess to Travel Guides (upon request<seasonal>)
  • Gift cards with free & discounted products & services)
  • Recommended sponsoring businesses

New Parents

If you have a new addition to your family, 1 yr or less, we have a Baby Welcome Package for you!
  • Storytime at the library (some libraries also offer movies)
  • New baby/new parent club information
  • Kiddie toothbrush
  • Gift cards with free and discounted products and services from our sponsoring businesses
  • Recommendations on businesses in the area to assist you

Sponsoring Business

  • Become a sponsoring business and show your support for your community
  • Welcome new comers and those who have recently moved to our communties or has had a new baby
  • Build connections with those new to the community
  • Introduce your business (products & services) to those we visit
  • Add your own special offers to our ‘special offers’ tab on our website
  • Welcome Kit sponsorship
  • Become a featured sponsor and be recognized in our presentation binder


Chris and Shelby Fricke

Community Welcome Packet Customers

My husband and I really appreciated the Community Welcome program. The lady that came was very friendly and a lot of fun to talk to! It was neat to see so may local businesses want to welcome newcomers into the community with deals, coupons, and information. Thank you for this program!

Brett Cecchini

Owner Jet's Pizza

I love being part of my community, I enjoy it and I feel it is crucial to my business. Community Welcome does a great job representing me and my business to my community. Not only do they welcome new people, they are there face to face with them. A face to face meeting is so valuable in building relationships and I can’t be everywhere myself. Knowing Community Welcome is out there representing me and my company to my community and customers is a comfort to me as a busy business owner. Thank You!

Jonathan Geenen

Biggby Cofee Operator

We really appreciate Community Welcome and the team of people welcoming people to the our community. They do great work! Their efforts show results in one of the highest redemption rates we see in our coupons!

What We Do Different
Community Welcome is different from other ‘welcome packages’.  We actually make a personal visit to your home. We provide free materials about your community.  

Things you may need to know about: odd/even days, leaf pick up, library information, etc. Community information includes the Grand Rapids Family Magazine, On The Town Guide, Chamber of Commerce Booklet, and much more!

Free and discounted products and services are also in your packet.  Find out which businesses are supporting your community AND enjoy a gift card from many businesses that will help you in your new community.

If you have had a baby in the past year, we have a package which include New Parent Club information to save you money and offers helpful tips.

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